Microsurgery Tray

  • $207.00 CAD
  • Save $30.56 CAD

The Microsurgery Tray Includes the following instruments:

Needle Holder Curved 13cm - Castro
Jewelers Forceps 4 3/4" 9mm, 0.3mm
Standard Stevens Tenotomy Scissors, Blunt Tips, Straight
Pierse Forceps 4 3/4", 9mm, 0.3mm
Dilator Forceps 11cm Long, Flat handle 9mm Wide, Angulated 10 Degree
Dissecting Scissors 15cm/6" with round tips, curved, round handle, blades 12mm
Adventitia Scissors 15cm/6" with pointed tips, straight, round handle, blades 12mm long
Vessel Dilator 13.5cm, flat handle 9mm wide, angulated 45 degree

The kit will also include a sample pack of FAUX Microvessels 2 x 1mm OD and 2 x 2mm OD

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