Vascular Surgery Tray

Vascular Surgery Tray

  • $590.00 CAD
  • Save $29.33 CAD

The Tray includes the following instruments:

Knife Handle Nr. 7
Mayo Scissors 6 3/4" Straight
Metzenbaum Scissors 7" Curved
Hartman-Mosquito Forceps 3 1/2" straight
Crile (Snap) Forceps 6 1/4" Curved
Dandy Nerve Hook 9"
Cooley Vascular Tissue Forceps 8", 2 mm Jaws
Debakey Multi-Purpose Clamp, Obtuse Angle 60 Degree, 9 1/2"
Kalman Ryder Needle Holder 7" Tungsten Carbide Jaws
Potts-Smith Scissors 60 Degree, 7 1/2"
Castroviejo Needle Holder 8" Straight with lock
Castroviejo Needle Holder 8" Straight without lock
Wylie Hypogastric Clamp 24.5cm Curved, Debakey jaws, 2.8mm tip width angled shaft
Aortic Debakey Vascular clamps 26cm 3.5cm width/Kay Aorta Clamp
Aortic DeBakey Vascular clamps 31cm, 11.3cm jaw length, 2 x 3 debakey jaws

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