Aortic Valve

  • $129.00 CAD

LifeLike BioTissue's Aortic Valve


LifeLike’s Aortic Valve feels, cuts, sutures, and behaves like real live tissue. The Aortic Valve is one of LifeLike’s latest products and it mimics human aortic root with annulus and coronaries with the same tactical and mechanical properties of a real aortic root. This is a great tool for the training of aortic valve repair and replacement.  The valve can be secured using the Aortic Valve Base, or the Adjustable Aortic Valve Base

High Fidelity. Ready for Use at Home, Lab or Hospital.
Re-Usable. Long Shelf Life. No Refrigeration Required. Easy to Dispose. Non-Toxic. Non-Latex. Non-Oily. Packed in Water.

Price per Aortic Valve $129.00
10-pack of Aortic Valves $1,251.30
20-pack of Aortic Valves $2,425.20

Product Includes:

The LifeLike Aortic Valves come in different sizes to fit a 19 mm, 21 mm, 23 mm and 25 mm replacement valves. The model has 2 coronary arteries of 3 mm ID and 4 mm OD, a 20 mm ventricle and an ascending aorta 25 mm long.

Use LifeLike BioTissue Aortic Valves for Skills Development Training:

Aortic Valve Replacement or Valve Repair:

  • Use valve to gain exposure, conduct an aortotomy, remove aortic valve leaflets, suture in an aortic prosthetic heart valve, and close the aorta
  • Requires an Aortic Valve Base or an Adjustable Aortic Valve Base to position the valve correctly

Product Specifications:

One Aortic Valve
Fits Valve Size (Annulus) 19, 21, 23, 25 and 27 mm
2 Coronary Arteries 3 mm ID & 4 mm OD
Ventricle Height 20 mm
Ascending Aorta 25 mm

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