FAUX Skin Pad

  • $15.00 CAD

The FAUX Skin pad measures 5"x 6" and allows for incision, needle-through, knot tying skills training. Recommended to be used with the FAUX Skin Pad Holder.  Otherwise you will need to figure out a way to hold down the skin pad for suturing applications.

Who should use this?  This product is ideal for novices and beginners who are just starting to learn how to suture.

Possible Applications:

Simple Interrupted and continuous
Horizontal Mattress
Vertical Mattress

The product is: Odor Free, Ready for Use at Home, Lab or Hospital, Re-Useable, Long Shelf Life, Easy to Dispose, Non-Toxic, Non-Latex, Made out of Silicone Rubber.

Note:  The foam layer may have some discoloration due to UV light, oxidation and temperature. 

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