FAUX Advance Suturing Pad

  • $35.00 CAD

The FAUX Advance Skin Pad has been designed to show visible layers of the epidermis, dermis, subcutaneous layer and muscle.  The skin pad measures 5 x 6" and allows for incision, needle-through, knot tying skills training.  The Skin Pad Can be used with the FAUX Skin Pad Holder.

Possible Applications:

Simple Interrupted and continuous
Subcuticular Suturing
Horizontal Mattress
Vertical Mattress

The product is: Odor Free, Ready for Use at Home, Lab or Hospital, Re-Useable, Long Shelf Life, Easy to Dispose, Non-Toxic, Non-Latex, Made out of Silicone Rubber.

Note:  The foam layer may have some discoloration due to UV light, oxidation and temperature.

Email for price breaks on large volume orders, or custom size orders.

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