Digital Video Interface

  • $280.00 CAD

The Video Interface package gives you the ability to send the trainer monitor image to multiple devices and record user sessions. Devices include: Laptop, Desktop, Monitor, or LCD Projector. User sessions can be recorded and saved in Laptop or Desktop files.

Ability to switch between two input sources. This package will split the video signal without any quality loss. It will convert the composite signal to a digital signal that is sent to your computer through a USB port to the recording software that is included. Computer requirements for software: PC with Pentium® processor (500 MHz MMX minimum recommended); Microsoft® Windows® 98SE/2000/Me/XP; USB 1.1 or 2.0 port; CD-ROM drive for software installation. Package includes: diverter, converter, software and cables. Cables for second trainer input are available Size: 12" X 9" X 6" (305 mm X 229 mm X 153 mm) Weight: 3 lbs.

Note: Delivery of this product will require a 1-2 week leadtime

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