T5 Large RM

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The T5 Large RM is designed to remove the monitor from the trainer and attach it to the included stand giving user ability to rotate & drape the box for a more realistic training experience. It is versatile because it can be used for basic laparoscopic skills to advanced laparoscopic procedural training and camera navigation. Residents may practice on the T5 Large RM to acquire the skills incorporated into the FLS® modules. It includes the large pelvic box that has 14 laparoscopic ports with fitted interchangeable 5 & 10 mm grommets and interior lighting. The SimScope™ is simulated after a real laparoscope and can be inserted into any of the 14 laparoscopic ports, it zooms and rotates, realistic handle, available in 0° and 30°. A handle is located on the back of the box to provide easy portability. No assembly required. The T5 Series is designed to be used for team trainer or a one-person workstation.

Click here to watch a "Step-by-Step Instructions for Laparoscopic Suturing" video by CareFusion using one of our MITS and our Soft Tissue Practice Pad.

Stand: 21"H x 13.5"W x 6.5"D (53.5cm x 34.5cm x 16.5cm)
Camera: 0° and 30° SimScope™ mounts in seconds into any laparoscopic port.
Ports: 14 laparoscopic ports with interchangeable grommets.
Grommets: 5 and 10 mm.
Box: Large pelvic box with large side openings for easy placement of MITS Inserts.
Lights: Mounted inside the pelvic box.
Monitor: 10" (25.4 cm) monitor.
Dimensions: L 21" X W 13.5" X H 12" (L 53.5cm X W 34.5cm X H 30.5cm) measurements with monitor down.
Weight: 18 lbs. ( 8 kgs.)

Residents may practice on the Large Pelvic Box MITS to acquire the skills incorporated into the FLS® modules. FLS® certification testing must be done at one of the official FLS® Test Centers by an FLS® proctor using the official FLS® Laparoscopic Trainer Box. For more information please visit

 Warranty: PDF icon 3-Dmed Warranty.pdf
User Guide: PDF icon T5-RM Manual.pdf, PDF icon T5RM-240 Manual.pdf

    Note: Delivery of this product will require a 1-2 week leadtime

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