Re-Usable Multi-Use Holder

  • $40.00 CAD

The Re-Usable Multi-Use holder has been designed to be used for many different types of surgical applications.  Consider it a black box to develop your own teaching models.

The model is intended to be used with animal parts such as hearts, aortas, etc...

Some of the most common uses for the holder are:

  • Various Thoracic Surgical Procedures
  • Knot Tying
  • Vascular Surgical Procedures
  • Heart Valve Replacement/Coronary Bypass

The holder comes with a re-usable top piece, which is made out of acrylic.  To wash the top piece, use mild soap with water do not use windex or alochol to clean the plastic.  The end user has the option to purchase their own support box or bucket which suits the needs of their target application.


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